Case Studies

Fortnum & Mason of Piccadilly, London, first opened its doors in 1707. Its famous façade and the unique interior that features wonderful classical paintings and murals have made it one of the world’s most famous stores.

When a major refurbishment was undertaken, it was important that all of the contractors could demonstrate a track record in providing products and a service that respected the character of the building.

Charles Laing & Sons Ltd were commissioned to recreate the central staircase. The intricate ballisters were hand cast in iron that was later hidden beneath gold leaf and set off by the mahogany and red carpet finishes.

Bruntsfield Links, Edinburgh

Edinburgh’s historic Bruntsfield Links Golfing Society completed its Millennium Gates project with a cast aluminium plaque commissioned from Charles Laing & Sons.

Millennial Plaques, Edinburgh University

A total of 26 bronze plaques were commissioned by The University of Edinburgh to honour a number of their most widely recognised graduates. The plaques were unveiled on the 21 June 2000 and later erected around the university.

Amongst those recognised were: Robert Adam, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Elsie Inglis, William Henry Playfair, Robert Louis Stevenson and Sorley MacLean.

Refurbishment of Street Furniture, Albert Terrace, Aberdeen

Albert Terrace, AberdeenThe drive for metal for the war effort and munitions during the Second World War deprived most communities across Great Britain of their railings, fences, and cast iron street furniture.

The residents of Albert Terrace in the heart of Aberdeen felt that after almost 50 years without railings and exterior stair banisters their homes deserved to have the finishing touches reinstated. Altogether 30 homes made an initial joint approach to Charles Laing & Sons Ltd to research and restore the cast iron furniture for Albert Terrace.

Laings provided 1200 railings and 150 exterior stair banisters for 25 houses to recreate the original exterior character.

Charles Laing & Sons has developed a reputation amongst vintage vehicle enthusiasts as a supplier for parts for their cherished cars or motor cycles. The Bentley Drivers Club has a world-wide membership of 3500 and its chairman Stewart Gordon speaks highly of the service he and his members have received from Laing’s Foundry. Over the years Stewart has regularly made use of Laing’s who have been able to supply items such as a rocker cover, a Bentley step, and an inlet manifold.

For vintage Bentley owners – as well as other vintage vehicle enthusiasts such as Indian motorcycle owners and Jaguar drivers – the benefit of dealing with Laing’s foundry is that they will undertake one off and low volume castings.

The great thing about Laing’s Foundry is that they have an eye for detail and can provide the highest quality product that more than matches the original,” said Stewart Gordon. “There are very few foundries who are prepared to provide a one-off, Laing’s are always happy to help.”

Bandstand, Grange Gardens, Cardiff City Council.

With the support of the Heritage Lottery Fund, the Parks Department of Cardiff City Council undertook to restore the city’s Grange Gardens to its original splendour. Saracen castings (a partnership between Charles Laing & Sons Ltd and Heritage Engineering) were commissioned to restore the architecture of the park including the replacement of the bandstand that had been demolished in the 1920s.

The only reference available to Saracen Castings was a hazy black and white photograph. Despite this Saracen Castings recognised the original design as it featured in its extensive architectural archives.

The finished building is an authentic replica, full of character and manufactured to the high standards set buy the master craftsmen of the19th century, that restores the park to its Victorian grandeur.